Towards a More Cooperative Archive: Institutional Neglect and the Necessity for Community Empowerment within Independent Online Music Radio

16 March 2021, Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam

Catalyzed by my interest in independent and community online music radio, my master’s thesis explores the current state of the art of archival protocol for online radio through several case studies. As indicated by my case studies, there is currently no archiving protocol for independent online music radio stations, and further, there is no indication of institutional or academic interest in preserving these histories. I make the argument that this inattention creates opportunities for and should galvanize communities to take archival efforts into their own hands. Drawing on the theories of Interdependence and Networks of Care, I suggest that the creation of a more equitable archive lies in the hands of the networks of communities that create, listen to and interact with such programming.

Documenting the Creative Process for Live Audio-Visual Performances

15 February 2021, LIMA Amsterdam

In my recommendation to LIMA, I consider the results from two artist case studies to design protocol for preserving an artist’s intention for variable media art. In my research, I assess the predominant strategies in place for documenting variable media, comparing and contrasting the relevance of each strategy for the documentation of the creative process for live audio-visual performances. In response to my observation that the musicological component of variable media such as live audio-visual performances are often disregarded, I introduce Spectromorphological Analysis as a potential solution for documenting an artist’s musical intentions. In this paper, I outline my recommendations for the organization respectively and for other organizations focusing on preserving variable media.