As a trained archivist and digital information management strategist, I am here to accommodate your archiving and digital information needs, however unique they may be. As an archivist, I build digital and analog archives with unique classification schemes, and design backup methods and schedules to ensure the safety of your assets. As an information management strategist, I specialize in making your archives or unstructured digital assets accessible by building dynamic databases for easy retrieval.

Materials I work with

Digital documents
Analog Documents
Large objects
Non-traditional media

Archival Consultant

I design thoughtful archival infrastructure for organizations, businesses and individuals. Accordingly, I believe in harnessing the powers of state of the art technologies to bring archives into the future to ensure the lasting heritage of an organization. I provide clients with the strategies and tools to maintain enduring archives that reflect the culture of the organization or individual.


-Custom archive creation and design in accordance with ISO standards (including organizational scheme, metadata scheme, development of a controlled vocabulary, naming scheme, metadata enrichment)

-Advise and design on digitization protocol and implement a deaccession plan for physical objects and documents which are no longer in service

-Establish protocols for merging old and new digital content

-Arranging, indexing and re-housing of archival materials according to industry best practices

-Advise on opportunities for leveraging collection for financial gain

-Work with team members to help integrate archival protocols into their workflow

-Design a backup and maintenance plan for archives

-Create controlled vocabularies, guidelines and standards for future employees 

-Develop a classification systems to facilitate public-facing access to archived materials

-Advise on adoption of archival software and hardware

-Arrangement of state-of-the-art preservation, conservation and restoration services

-Archival research


  1. Assessment of current organizational and archival infrastructure, as well as organization’s needs 
  2. Provide a custom project plan to the client, which includes project objectives to define the scope and structure of the desired archive, overview of the collection and detailed plan of action
  3. Work in collaboration with staff and tech to design and create archival database and associated vocabularies
  4. Develop policies and procedures for accessioning, cataloging, processing and preservation activities according to current industry standards and “best practices” 
  5. Advise on necessary hires depending on the breadth of the archive
  6. If applicable: design, implement and oversee digitization schedule for analog materials
  7. Plan and implement technology related to the management of digital archival collections, including reformatting, data migration, and the management of digitized resources
  8. Develop a comprehensive processing manual and institute best practices and workflows for use in training future staff and volunteers
  9. Analyze and determine appropriate preservation priorities and actions to ensure long-term storage and security of both physical and digital collection material.
  10. Make recommendations as to storage capacity and space needs and use
  11. If applicable, act as project manager to oversee implementation of such plan to its through-line

Digital Information Management Strategist

In my role as a digital information management strategist, I design the customized infrastructure for companies or organizations to manage, retrieve and make accessible their assets, whether born-digital or digitized analog assets. I specialize in database creation to make archives more accessible. I also set in place actions to digitize physical documents and ephemera, and to create a dynamic digital database for easy accessibility and scalable digital workflows. I also design solutions for digital-born documents. My focus is creating a more accessible, sustainable and secure network for digital information. 


-Design custom asset management strategies in response to client needs and gaps in existing information management strategy

-Harmonize industry standards with best practices for individuals/company culture

-Increase sustainability through digitization and data centralization efforts

-Database management

-Facilitate metadata cleanup

-Creation of frameworks for adoption and integration of services into workflow

-Coordination and consultancy on asset management related technologies

-Integrate sustainable protocols into UX design


  1. Holistic and comprehensive assessment of current organizational workflow and information culture of organization
  2. Provide custom plan to client outlining agreed upon project objectives, overview of the digital assets and recommendations based on assessment and conversations with client and staff 
  3. Work in collaboration with clients to develop a customized organizational infrastructure, workflow and database for born-digital and digitized assets. Plan and implement technology related to the management of digital assets.
  4. Develop policies and procedures for continued management of database
  5. Act as project manager to oversee implementation of such plan to its through-line