Selected Projects
The Lot Radio, New York City

As an archival consultant for independent online music radio station The Lot Radio, I advised the station’s founder on how to implement archival protocol to a large database of audio and video files, as well as how to structure and capture associated metadata. Drawing upon my research and case studies chronicled in my master’s thesis, I made recommendations that were scalable and realistic for a small organization with ever-increasing data sets.

LIMA, Amsterdam

As a research intern at LIMA, an Amsterdam-based organization specializing in preservation, documentation and researching media art for the institutions including the Stedelijk Museum and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, I focused my efforts on exploring the intricacies of documenting an audio-visual artist’s creative process. My internship culminated with a presentation of recommendations for the organization going forward, some of which were implemented into their repertoire.

Jaap Kunst Archive at University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

At the Jaap Kunst Archive, I provided expertise as a trained archivist to help decode and provide order to the analogue collection as an archival consultant.

The New Museum Archive, New York

As an archival assistant at The New Museum, I was hired to help expedite the process of cataloguing, indexing and rehousing a collection for its forthcoming acquisition.

Ganna Walska Archive at Lotusland, Santa Barbara

As an archival assistant of Madame Ganna Walska’s archive at Lotusland, I provided assistance to the archivist-in-residence to explore new archival solutions for an at-risk collection. I aided in the digitization and rehousing of textiles, as well as research on the collection. I created new organizational schemes and taxonomies for ephemera.